A shaded position was chosen for a new fern area which was a theme that the garden lacked. Made from old logs, as a result of willow pollarding, raised beds were formed. The main plants included tree ferns and a variety of evergreen and deciduous ferns, together with Gunnera Manicata, fuchsia "General Bonstedt", heuchera and other plants.





Looking for a home for a few Astilbe plants turned into another project. An established bed of mixed grasses was widened and prepared with extra soil structure. A few Astilbe turned into a whole range from pure white to deepest red. Extra irrigation via leaky pipe was installed to make the conditions more suitable.

Projects sideshow





The fans, created from railway sleepers, were designed to make a division between the croquet lawn and the specimen tree area. Each was made with three sleepers, using templated angles, set in concrete - never to move again!!!


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