Maze update


Once the hedges had filled out we felt the centre required a focal point. We looked around for something in keeping with the design and an armilliary sundial was ideal.


A suggestion in our visitors book was that seating in the middle would be most welcome. Fortunately we were able to obtain three benches to match the sundial.

All garden statuary came from Bramber Plant Centre, look them up on link page






The maze is now trimmed three times a year, in June, July and September, with a break for the hedge cutter for the rest of the year! The most difficult job is the raking up and removing of the trimmings.





The 40' pergola leading to the entrance of the maze was originally planted with honeysuckle and various clematis.


Due to our strong salt-air winds there have been some casualties. New hardier clematis have been planted and give a lovely show of flowers.

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